Maximize non-profit charity benefit fundraiser fundraising auction ideas
for groups, schools, PTAs, clubs, churches, associations and organizations

Header: Maximize non-profit charity benefit fundraiser fundraising auction ideas for groups, schools, PTAs, clubs, churches, associations and organizations

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Your Fundraiser Auction Can be a Memorable, Enjoyable, Money-Making Triumph!!

Dear Fellow Charity Auction Fundraiser,

Do You Wish You Had the Solutions to These Challenges?

Well, now you can run your event with confidence and get the results you've always wanted.

Your auction can be an exciting, well-attended, over-the-top success... if you plan it, organize it and run it right!

And that's precisely what you'll discover with my
How to Run a Wildly Successful Auction Fundraiser.©

This easy-to-follow system details every step that makes your auction an enormous financial and social success.

With this proven system, your members and attendees will rave about your event, tell others, and even make your next event more successful.

I'm Jenae Rubin. I've worked and consulted with many non-profit groups, helping them plan and create their auctions. I know what does and doesn't work in every aspect of the complete fundraiser auction process. I know the requirements and the special little extras that insure the success of a fundraiser auction.

My system - How to Run a Wildly Successful Fundraiser Auction© - leaves no stone unturned. It includes all the details you'll need, and even little reminders, like when to order food for committee meetings and when to send emails about upcoming meetings. That's how detailed the system is.

And, importantly, it includes easily-adaptable, little-known and infrequently-used tactics that result in your fundraiser securing valuable, desirable donations, including the ones that eliminate expenses.

Your organization deserves a fundraiser auction that's an unforgettable, money-making triumph. You can be the person who gives it to them.

The process is easy... when you know how.

In most cases, organizations just hope their auction fundraiser will be a success. You can make sure yours succeeds.

Recently, I consulted with a church that didn't even know how much they wanted their auction to make. They were so frustrated with their previous, unsuccessful attempts that they sadly said, "We'll be happy if we clear $5,000." I smiled with gusto, "Why not aim for $15,000!?! I'll show you how!!" Thirty days later, after following my guidance, their auction cleared just over $19,000. That's almost FOUR TIMES more than they might have raised.

With How to Run a Wildly Successful Fundraiser Auction© system, you'll discover how to...

When you cover every aspect correctly, you can run a wildly successful fundraiser auction. And you can run it the same, proven way every year, giving your organization a reliable, on-going source of support.

Here's the short list of what you'll get, see, master and be able to accomplish by using my system.


Ready to Get Started and Raise More Money Than Ever?

Just imagine - in the next 30 or 60 days - you can...

This can all happen for you. Here's your opportunity.

It's all in the manual...

Manual Contents: How to run and maximize a Non-Profit Charity Benefit Auction Fundraiser Fundraising Ideas for groups, schools, PTAs, clubs, churches, associations and organizations Take a glimpse at the Table of Contents and see for yourself.

It's a dream-come-true just how much time you'll save and money your organization can raise with all this information working for you. So order now.

You'll be so glad you didn't wait another year to make your important fundraiser a huge success.

"The manual, CD and system are incredibly well organized and easy to follow. They're a great asset."

Chris Scali, District Governor
American Advertising Federation

What does for this proven auction fundraising system cost?

Think how much would you pay someone to help you raise $10,000, $25,000 or more? If you hired a professional fundraiser, they would take at least 25% of your gross revenue. Professional sales people command 15% or more of your revenue, plus you have to pay at least another 10% in benefits and taxes. For a $20,000 auction, that means you would pay $5,000 or more to accomplish ONE TIME what I will show you how to do every single year.

Compare that to the for-profit sector price: $497. That's quite a bargain. But you're a non-profit organization, and I'm sensitive to your budget constraints.

In fact, I created this system because I like helping non-profit organizations. So your total investment for the comprehensive system (Manual with customizable forms in Word and immediately downloadable book) is just $97.

You Have So Much To Gain and Nothing To Lose.

Money Back, 100% 8-Week Risk-Free Guarantee

When you order my system, you do so entirely at my risk. That's right. The Complete System comes with a 100% 8-Week Money Back Guarantee.

So order this proven method today. Read it... use it... and if for any reason during the next eight weeks, you aren't fully satisfied, let me know and I'll refund the purchase price.

So, by making one investment of only $97, you are securing a bright outcome for all your future fundraisers and positioning yourself to be so much more successful - in both money and good will - with every event you run. Compare that to the track record of most auction fundraisers.

"Last year we raised only $5,423 at our auction. This year, we used the tactics in your auction manual. Boy, did it pay off. Finally, we have a fundraiser that's really effective. We raised $17,692 after all expenses. That's three times more!

You're right, Jenae. We wish we used your system sooner. This was the best investments we could have made for our non-profit organization."

Kim Grooms, President
Space Coast Ad Fed

Start Planning Your Profitable Auction Now.

Here's your chance to discover the secrets of successful auction fundraising. This is the only system that "shows you the ropes" and gives away all the secrets on charity auctions.

Here's to your wildly successful auction fundraiser,

Jenae Rubin

P.S. You simply cannot fail with this kit and 100% money-back guarantee. You have no risk. So order now for the good of yourself and your organization.

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In this 72-page book, you will find a list of 87 strategies, each effective and fundraiser-proven, plus more than 250 links to raise the funds your organization needs.

And some of the ideas don't require committees and take virtually no time to put together. Some of the ideas can start making money for your organization tomorrow.


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Secrets of Silent Auctions - In this report, you will discover...
  1. Which items to select for Silent Auctions that run concurrent with Live Auctions.
  2. How to set up the Silent Auction Area making bidding fast and easy... and exciting.
  3. How process Silent Auction winners a snap!
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Let's summarize...

Non-profits save hundreds of dollars off the Complete System:

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